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FY 2024 H-1B Cap Initial Registration Period Opens on March 1

The USCIS announced late last week that the initial registration period for the fiscal year 2024 (FY2024) H-1B cap will open at noon Eastern on March 1 and run through noon Eastern on March 17, 2023. During this period, prospective petitioners and representatives will be able to complete and submit their registrations using the Service’s online H-1B registration system.

If the USCIS receives enough registrations by March 17, it will randomly select registrations and send selection notifications via users' myUSCIS online accounts. If they do not receive enough registrations, all registrations that were properly submitted in the initial registration period will be selected. The USCIS intends to notify account holders by March 31 of the lottery results.

A reminder to please let us know of any candidates you wish to sponsor for this lottery so we can send you an email with what is required accordingly, which will then allow GG&W to review the case in greater detail prior to the e-registration deadline. As always, we are also happy to discuss with any particular candidate whom your company is thinking of sponsoring for an H-1B visa (or any other type of visa) in 2023 or beyond.

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