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Faster Labor Certification Adjudications

Recently, it appears that the adjudicatory processing times for labor certification applications (also referred to as PERM applications) filed with the U.S. Department of Labor has decreased significantly.

As a reminder, this labor certification process is used by employers to sponsor foreign national employees for a green card by testing the American workforce to determine if there is a qualified American worker in the area of intended employment ready, willing, and able to perform the proffered position.

This trend, combined with positive developments regarding quotas for many of the employment-based immigrant visa categories (most notably EB-3), has resulted in the potential for sponsored employees to receive the benefits of the green card process much quicker.

Besides ultimate green card attainment, these benefits include the potential for three-year extensions of an H-1B visa beyond the maximum  six-year H-1B limit, if eligible, as well as the potential of avoiding the dreaded H-1B lottery should a foreign national employee be able to obtain a green card or a work authorization document (EAD).

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to discuss utilizing the green card sponsorship process as an alternative to the H-1B lottery system.

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