Visa Processing in Canada

Many of our clients who are in the U.S. have been applying for temporary visas (mostly H & L visas) at the American Consulates in Canada rather than making the more costly and time-consuming travel back to their home countries. Unfortunately, we recently received the below warning from our contact at the American Embassy in Ottawa which will make this option unavailable for the next three months:

“Due to increasingly heavy demand by Canada-based visa applicants, we are unfortunately extremely limited in our ability to accept US-based renewal cases during our peak demand period of June, July, and August. We encourage such cases to seek appointment availability at other processing posts contingent to the U.S., or elsewhere in the world such as in the applicant’s home country. We would also point out that we offer increased appointment availability for U.S.-based renewal cases in our non-peak processing times, such as October and November, and January through May.”

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