Traveling to Canada

We have been advised by our allied law firm in Canada, Guberman Garson Segal, that starting on August 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will begin requiring all non-U.S. visa exempt foreign nationals entering Canada to pre-register their travel to Canada through a new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system. Currently, there is no requirement to pre-register and all visa-exempt foreign nationals simply travel to Canada and present their passport at the port of entry, where they are then screened for admissibility.

As noted, U.S. citizens are exempt from this requirement; however, foreign nationals from all other visa exempt countries will need to pre-register any travel to Canada. This appears to be very similar to the current ESTA procedure we have for those traveling to the U.S. under the visa waiver program and would be required for those travelling to American Consulates in Canada for a non-immigrant visa appointment.

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