Schedule A for physical therapist

I recently had the privilege of representing a physical therapy center that wanted to sponsor one of their employees for a green card as a physical therapist. This employment-based sponsorship falls under “Schedule A,” a category of occupations for which the Department of Labor has determined there are not sufficient U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified and available. The main advantage of filing under Schedule A is that this category of occupations is “pre-certified” by the Department of Labor; therefore, the petitioner can bypass the very time consuming and expensive Labor Certification process and file their petition directly with USCIS.

While bypassing the Labor Certification process allows the petitioner to skip many of the advertising/recruitment steps they would otherwise be required to follow under the regular employment-based sponsorship process overseen by the Department of Labor, there are other very specific and complex rules and procedures which must be met before the employer can get an approval of a Schedule A petition with USCIS. I have meticulously studied the rules to ensure this petitioner complied with the appropriate procedures, and we were very pleased when the case was approved. Garganigo, Goldsmith & Weiss looks forward to representing more employers who seek to sponsor employees whose jobs fall under this Schedule A category.

Contributed by Matthew D. Goldsmith

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