Green card interview


I am married to a U.S. citizen. What kind of questions will USCIS be asking us at my interview?


The majority of questions will be in two subject areas:

1. Your entry

They want to make sure that not only did you enter legally, but also that you had the right visa for that entry. The most common problem is faced by foreign nationals who enter with tourist visas (or visa waiver) and marry very shortly after their entry. In this situation, the examiner may conclude the applicant committed a visa fraud because their real intent at the time of entry was not just to visit the U.S. and may initially deny the adjustment of status application, necessitating a waiver.

2. Bona fides of the marriage

If the couple doesn’t present sufficient documents (photos, bank accounts, etc.) and if the examiner feels because of age, language, religious, or other differences, that the marriage is suspicious, he will schedule them at a later time for a Stokes interview.

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